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About the Author

Dr Marilyn Campbell is a lecturer in the school of Learning and Professional Studies, Faculty of Education at Queensland University of Technology. Dr Campbell has worked as a teacher and psychologist in early childhood and primary and secondary schools. She has also been a teacher-librarian, school counsellor and supervisor of school counsellors. Her area of expertise and research interest is in the area of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents.




About the Illustrator

Melissa Bates is an innovative artist who is currently working and exhibiting on the Gold Coast in Australia. Her illustrations are highly textured often with embedded figures set in complex patterned backgrounds. Her often stylised work is full of vibrant colour. The illustrations for the books were created using mixed mediums of acrylic polymers, cardboard cut outs, coloured pencil and water colours.
The layout design was done by Anne Hodgkiss.




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